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ZotHacks 2018 is Hack at UCI’s first mini-hackathon geared towards beginners taking place November 17th at Donald Bren Hall!

At this event, hackers will experience an introduction to hackathons and software development techniques. The event is free to attend and food, technical and professional workshops, and prizes will be provided! However, due to space limitations, ZotHacks is limited to ONLY UCI students and will have an application process to determine who will be invited to the event.

Hacking begins Saturday morning and ends Saturday evening. All submissions MUST be made here on Devpost.

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$570 in prizes

1st Place Grand Prize

The winning team will receive Amazon Echo Dots

2nd Place Prize

The winning team will receive Google Cloud Platform duffel bags and t-shirts

3rd Place Prize

The winning team will receive Google Cloud Platform notebooks and pens

Hacker's Choice

The winning team will receive automatic acceptance into HackUCI 2019.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


If you applied to ZotHacks 2018, recieved an offer to attend and went on to confirm that you will do so, you are eligible to attend ZotHacks 2018. If you attended and hacked at ZotHacks 2018, then you are eligible to make a submission.


  • You must be at ZotHacks 2018 to work on a project for submission
  • You cannot work on your project before the event begins
  • You cannot steal another team's source code
  • A devpost must be submitted for the project to be considered
  • Please comply with all instructions from ZotHacks 2018 organizers

How to enter

Hackers will be invited to attend through an application process limited to students at UCI only.


Hack at UCI Organizers

Hack at UCI Organizers

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    How technically impressive was the hack? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly clever technique or did it use many different components? Did the technology involved make you go "Wow"?
  • Design
    Did the team put thought into the user experience? How well designed is the interface? For a website, this might be about how beautiful the CSS or graphics are. For a hardware project, it might be more about how good the human-computer interaction is.
  • Completion
    Does the hack work? Did the team achieve everything they wanted?
  • Learning
    Did the team try to learn something new? What kind of projects have they worked on before? If a team which always does virtual reality projects decides to switch up and try doing a mobile app instead, that exploration should be rewarded.